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Wouldn’t it be great if your stories could be passed on to your children and their children and so on? 

Imagine if you were only able to have one last conversation. What would you like to say about your life? What details would you include, what would you leave out? How would you weave a story that would not only entertain but also fill in many of the gaps so that future generations would get a  good idea about your life?  

Luckily, we’re great storytellers with a wealth of professional experience. To help you get a feel for our work, please watch and enjoy some snippets below. You can also visit our sister site and business for more detailed information and examples. 

Paul is a founding member (and President for the first three years) of Life Stories Australia, an association of personal historians from around Australia who specialise in documenting personal histories.  


A recent survey by Allianz Insurance revealed that 86% of baby boomers and 74% of those 72 years and older agree that the most important aspects of a legacy are the family stories more than the possessions.



Melissa offered Simon a My Business My Story life story video for his 60th. Listen to how happy they were with the film and the process

Melissa offered Simon a life story video for his 60th. Listen to how happy they were with the film and the process



WWII father and son home from the war storytelling

"Stories are memory aids, instructions manuals and moral compasses"  Aleks Krotski

Make a start by having an obligation free chat with us to find out more. Let us interview you and capture not only your life on film, but also your spirit, values and beliefs. We know this also has documented psychological benefits and, of course, it is also a wonderful legacy for future generations. Don't leave it too late.  



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Our heartfelt mission is to create bespoke, personal film biographies produced with integrity, trust and passion that documents, honours and affirms a life well lived. 

1937 sisters life story storytelling

"I was very pleased with it...I didn't know I was so good...  It was just like riding a winner again." 

Bub O'Neill, former champion jockey

"Going through this life story telling process with Paul and Alison was very special. Alison was incredibly present and warm, her thoughtful questioning allowed me to recall some wonderful memories about my Dad and our relationship. Paul is the consummate professional and I quickly relaxed. I'm so happy with the outcome, what a lovely keepsake."  

Michelle H. 


Special, landmark events

Our services our also ideal for helping you or your loved ones celebrate those special, landmark events such as silver or golden wedding anniversaries or those rather large numbered birthdays (e.g. 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th…). 

Some examples of our work. 

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This short video shows excerpts from one of our recent life story videos about a 90 year old former pyschiartrist. Used with permission, it highlights the depth and integrity of our storytelling videos and approach.

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Bub O'Neill promo

Jim Promo

This video is about John C



We offer three Personal Life Story packages (silver, gold and platinum) for individuals and also have tailored-made Business Snapshot and Business Story packages that are ideal for family businesses, SMEs or even larger corporations.Click on the link below to find out more. 


Ethical will (or legacy message) is the term sometimes used for a special, personal message that is given to family and even friends after someone has died. A non-legal message recorded on film that does not mention bequeathing of property or possessions, the ethical will can cover a range of topics including the following:


  • Values and beliefs of the departed

  • Special memories 

  • Life's lessons

  • Hopes and dreams for the children

  • Love

  • Help with closure 

  • Forgiveness  

According to some reports, preparing an ethical will may also be helpful for someone dealing with a terminal illness or deteriorating health and may provide a sense of comfort and even closure.  Recording an ethical will on film is not an easy task nor should it be taken lightly and we recommend you consult your family lawyer if you are considering undertaking a film with us or anyone else. Mostly recorded without the family's knowledge, those recording an ethical will are provided with copies of the film that are left with their lawyer for safe keeping until they are needed. 

You can rest assured that the highest level of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality will be maintained and that is also why we don't provide any examples of these very special films that we have done.