Trumpet blowing? Best done by others!



“In today’s world, people are more willing to trust other people than they are large institutions.” 

Bill Margaritas (FedEx)


Blowing your own trumpet is one thing but having someone blow it for you is more powerful. And that's where trust comes in. People will tend to trust someone else speaking about you and your brand rather than you speaking about yourself. But they also must look and sound trustworthy and natural otherwise the testimonial won't work.

If you have a client/ customer who is willing to give you praise for your great service or product, we can help coach and draw out the right words and emotions and get it on film for you to use on your website or on social media. 

With our business acumen, maturity and wide range of experiences in psychology, marketing and journalism, we understand how important it is for businesses to have powerful testimonials.  We are confident that using our storytelling approach, our short films will bring authenticity and genuineness to the testimonials, and highlight your product/service in the best possible way. 

Talk to us today about our affordable Testimonial Packages for one or several of your clients.  


In this video, Care1 client, daughter Allison talks about her mother's disabilities and how Care1 has given such great individual care.

In this video, Care1 Support Staff Ailie talks about the enjoyment she gets from her work with Care1

Brett gives a testimonial on the high quality service of Dignam Real Estate in Bulli

In this video, Care1 client Trudy talks about how Care 1 has made such a difference to her life

In this video Terry and Suzanne Hindle of Woonona talk about their positive experiences with Dignam Real Estate

Beau Yates, current Australian Drift Champion, testimonial for Tyrepitstop Engadine

"Stories are important because people want interaction and engagement rather than to be broadcast or lectured." 

(Janis Forman - Storytelling In Business: The Authentic & Fluent Organisation)