Trumpet blowing? Best done by others!



“In today’s world, people are more willing to trust other people than they are large institutions.” 

Bill Margaritas (FedEx)


Blowing your own trumpet is one thing but having someone blow it for you is more powerful.  People will tend to trust someone else speaking about you and your brand rather than you speaking about yourself. But they also must look and sound trustworthy and natural otherwise the testimonial won't work.

If you have a client/ customer who is willing to give you praise for your great service or product, we can help coach and draw out the right words and emotions and get it on video for you to use on your website or on social media. 



Whether you need to 'sell' your business service to another business (B-2-B) and need to show them quickly how and what you offer; or put together a corporate film that nicely integrates the interviews, testimonials and a whole range of other shots; or record a series of training films or an event like a media conference, we have the necessary experience and skill to get the work done. Have a look at some of our examples and contact us for more information. 




"Stories are important because people want interaction and engagement rather than to be broadcast or lectured." 

(Janis Forman - Storytelling In Business: The Authentic & Fluent Organisation)