"In a business environment where distractions and lack of trust dominate, stories can cut through the busyness to capture attention, engage and influence people, create meaning, exemplify values and gain trust." 

(Janis Forman - Storytelling In Business: The Authentic & Fluent Organisation) 




Alison is a psychologist and has studied all that brainy stuff behind why storytelling works - the triggers that release dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins in the audience's brains that helps create the emotional connection. This helps build trust and makes the person and their story memorable.

Through her careful questioning and the weaving that goes into the editing, we draw out and highlight your authenticity, passion and values as well as the why behind you do what you do. The personal, human side is so importent on making an emotional connection because we know that FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL!


"People like to do business with people, not a business!"

What we offer

We know that a well constructed website profile video can run up to two minutes because people are there to find out more. Social media platforms need shorter snapshots (20 - 40 secs) that can drive traffic to your website so we make these clips around specific topics that will engage people into finding out more. Some of these shorter clips can also be ideal for attaching as a link to an email. 

Whether alone or combined with testimonials and other footage, our business profiles can act not only as a strong marketing tool, but can also:

  • Provide a face and voice for the business
  • Help customers choose the person/ company with whom they want to do business
  • Engender staff to have pride in the person/ company for whom they work and generate a feeling that they belong and matter
  • Offer potential employees an opportunity to see what sort of person or culture exists at the workplace
  • Clarify values and vision of the business and guiding best practices
  • Develop a stronger business identity as well as validating and affirming the business. 



"Alison and Paul, thanks for your great work!" 

(Matt Dignam, Director, Dignam Real Estate Bulli)

"Excellent! I love how you integrated the clips...Wonderful job Paul. I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with the finished job. Thank you both so very much."

(Neil Barnsley, Animal Holistic Healing)

"Words can't express how pleased I was with the final outcome. Paul is a true professional from a production past and is complimented by Alison who made sure the content was all it should be...If you are serious about your business making a difference in a very competitive market, consider these top professionals!"

(Brendan Weston, Director, Professional Transport Training)


 Website Profile examples

In this video, Anna and Craig give an insight into their business and how they can help business owners realise their potential.

An overview of the work done at Wollongong Diagnostics through the eyes of the staff.

This video introduces Giuseppe and Christi, the owners of My-Woodfired Oven.

In this video, AICNSW licensed conveyers tell why they love being a member.

A 'tap dancing' Lawyer

A 'shy-as-a-kid' Real Estate Director

A 'team-approach' Real Estate Director

 Social Media shorter snapshot examples:

This video is about HelenVolkBio

This video is about reasons why to choose Jarad Stirling

In this video, Matt Dignam of Dignam Real Estate in Bulli speaks about the importance of local knowledge and his family history in the area.

In this video, Neil describes the basis of his treatments, especially acupuncture