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Using video & psychology to help connect you with your clients

Everyone loves a good story and we help people tell their stories whether they be a sole trader needing to promote their services via a video on their website and social media; or someone who has lived a full life and wants to celebrate that life and pass on their story and history.  Paul has over 30 years experience as a broadcast journalist and multimedia and video producer, and Alison many years as a psychologist - wonderful credentials for storytellers. 

We started our first business together, That's My Life, after Paul made a video about his mother for her 90th birthday. It was a great success and friends and family who saw it suggested we create a business combining our skill and expertise. Sadly, less than six months after showing the video, Paul's mother passed away after a sudden and unexpected illness. Paul resolved to encourage others to pass on life stories. 

With great passion, we developed our storytelling interviewing process using our deep understanding of psychology and using the triggers that help create engagement between subject and viewer, and the business grew. After some time, several business owners asked if we could use that technique to produce videos for them that would also captured their authenticity and 'who they were' for their websites and social media. My Business My Story was born.  Our strongest point of differences remains as that wonderful combination of using psychology, journalism, communication and marketing to help get the subject's message and' 'true self' across. 


This video is an introduction to the website



Storytelling in business

Using storytelling in business is an emerging trend and we are proud to have been at the vanguard since 2015. Having written and produced many corporate films working in Switzerland (e.g International Red Cross), we wanted to give small to medium size business owners an opportunity to tell the story of their business using our storytelling techniques. 

We therefore offer a range of Business packages to suit every budget that can start from (as well as include) client testimonials, office and site filming, and even drone footage. 

Storytelling life stories

With our unique and careful approach, we can also craft a beautiful film for family and friends that will not only document a life well lived but also showcase the personality, values and beliefs, triumphs and achievements, inner spirit and sense of self. We also offer an ethical will service for those wanting to leave after they have passed, a personal, non-legal message to family and friends. We have some examples of Life Stories here otherwise visit our sister site

Happy clients tell: 

In this video, Dentist Dr Paul Sojka gives a wonderful testimonial for My Business My Story.

In this video, Julianne gives a strong testimonial to My Business My Story for helping her company Precision Forwarding with personalised videos

In this video, our client, Neil, gives a powerful testimonial about our work and the process.

Our film production services: 



Business Profile Films 

Showing your authenticity, passion and values, our profile films are ideal for promoting you and your business on your website and social media, and even by attaching our link on your email.  

Whether you choose our Starter Package (ideal for start-ups with limited budgets), our popular Business Package (great combination covering most aspects of your business) or our Corporate Package (all the best plus more), we'll have you covered. These are just guidelines as we can also tailor a video package just for you. 

B-2-B, Expo, Testimonials & Training Videos 

Drawing out the best testimonials from your clients/ customers to promote your business, we use our storytelling techniques to bring out the natural authenticity that is so needed in a testimonial. No scripts, no rehearsing, only their willingness to talk about you combined with our relaxed yet professional approach. 

Let someone else blow your trumpet - it gets far more attention than you trying to blow it alone!  

We can also produce a range of other videos using our storytelling approach and they don't all have to be in narrative form. Have a look on our 'Other Biz Styles' page for more info and examples. 

Personal Life Story & Ethical Wills

Preserve memories and pass on your Life Story or that of someone you love with one of our  personalised and beautifully packaged films. Our three packages - Silver, Gold and Platinum - vary in length from 25 to 45 minutes and come with a DVD (ideal for the senior generation to watch), a password protected on-line version, and USB version. 


Ethical wills are a lasting, personal message to your loved ones for when you are gone. Filmed with great integrity and presented in a sensitive and professional manner, these short films are a wonderful way to say goodbye.  



Melissa offered Simon a My Business My Story life story video for his 60th. Listen to how happy they were with the film and the process



Our business storytelling partnership

"The professionalism of Paul and Alison was exceptional and the way they made me feel at ease. The finished product is outstanding. I can highly recommend them for the exceptional execution and seamless process." 

 John Cunningham, Cunningham Property. 

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We are proud to be one of the founding members of Life Stories Australia, an association of professional personal historians. Paul is currently the President of the association (